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Making Data Matter: Unifying Data and Driving Actionable Insights from Analytics

Over the last decade with the exponential growth of customer and operational data many organisations are now faced with a complex landscape of multiple and ageing/legacy data sources, collection tools and databases.  The requirement to tie information together on a single platform in order to make sense of and extract value from the data has never been so important. 



InformedINSIGHT© offers a complete solution to the challenges of analytics and data integration in the Cloud or technology estate, including multi-channel data collection and validation (collection, collation, management, quality assurance and analysis of data) regardless of the system or format of the data, in order to provide a definitive picture to inform strategic decision-making.

Creating data-driven processes, InformedINSIGHT© is proven in some of the world’s most complex and demanding environments. This platform solves the enterprise-wide data management and analysis challenge by providing a complete and coherent understanding of your organisation’s data and corporate knowledge, regardless of how complex and disparate its sources may be. 

In dramatically reducing the need for manual data processing and correlation from legacy systems, InformedINSIGHT© engenders trust and builds confidence in data, helping organisations make better-informed decisions, whilst providing customers and stakeholders with easy and immediate access to reliable data through the InformedENGAGE© digital experience platform.

In expertly managing the variety and volume associated with data proliferation today, InformedINSIGHT© combines the best in big-data architectures and patterns with web-based workflows, data analytics tools, and GIS technology to improve how organisations manage, understand and unify data on a day-to-day basis.  It has been designed to take advantage of continually evolving cloud-native services from global leaders such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.


As well as acting as a data integration and analytics cornerstone for renowned, sustainable land asset management programmes across the world, InformedINSIGHT© is used by a growing number of globally recognised organisations including Europe’s largest industrial nuclear site (Sellafield), where it has effectively replaced seven legacy systems, managing 40 years of scientific land quality information and real-time feeds to provide location intelligence and decision support for site decommissioning and remediation.

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