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Transforming Customer Service Through World-Class Digital Experiences

InformedENGAGE© is a Queen’s Award-winning digital experience platform designed specifically for complex transactions, making even your most complicated customer services an interactive and positive experience.

InformedENGAGE© tackles this challenging customer service problem by transforming and digitising your operations; from mail rooms to call centres and online channels, it creates a single, integrated digital customer experience workflow, and in doing so improves business efficiency, enables a step-change in the pace and effectiveness of customer engagement and dramatically reduces the costs associated with delivering service through legacy systems and technologies.

Hosted in the Cloud or on-premise, the configurable InformedENGAGE© platform includes intelligent workflows that adapt to users’ needs and support complex requests and transactions. Configurable models for common, yet complex enterprise services include identity management, address matching, payments, encryption and mapping. Multi-organisation/agency case handling delivers seamless and secure customer transaction management across multiple organisations through API bridges that efficiently integrate and harmonise data.

Based entirely on open standards, InformedENGAGE© comes with powerful web tools and a configurable rules engine that ensures customers are served according to all relevant service levels, regulations and policies. Live feedback and notification tools let customers know exactly when, how and where their requests or queries are being handled.

Designed from the ground up to be secure, open and dynamic, InformedENGAGE© powers end-to-end digital transformation, ensuring organisations can enhance and optimise customer experiences through a service analytics engine that drives performance management and continuous improvement of this award-winning digital experience platform.


InformedENGAGE© manages the digital experiences of millions of people across the UK and Australia. It is used for a variety of digital experience services including; the underpinning of secure, national services for victims of violent crime, managing complex, secure multi-organisation transactions between health, social care and emergency services agencies;  An enterprise-level platform for sustainable land asset management that has been developed and proven for international use through iterative innovation and successful commercialisation; Online consultation and engagement transformation – helping Government bodies in England, Scotland and Wales consult with local communities to drive engagement and digital democracy through world-class digital experiences.

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